Culture in the Schools

Is your Art Department taking advantage of the Quebec Culture in the Schools program ?

This program is a joint venture of the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC) and MEQ.
Go to their web site for details and application forms.

The resource directory lists all the artists who are registered with the program and are available to conduct workshops in the schools. If you have the hard copy- please look at page 167- there is a brief description of my suggested workshop.

I love this job! I thoroughly enjoy working with the students to teach them the basics of painting on silk and help them complete their individual or group projects (2-3 day workshop) or work on a project with the whole school like last years "Reach for the Stars' project (15 day project) or the 'Tree of Life' and 'Celestial Bodies' projects (see pictures below)

I would love to come to your school and do a silk painting workshop with your students.

During a 2 day workshop I can handle up to 30 students from level 1-5 provided there is adequate work space for each participant. (table space 4' x 3'each). I will supply the equipment necessary (frames,brushes etc.) Material cost is $10/student and is usually covered under the funding from MCC.

If you aren't taking advantage of the Culture in the Schools program already, may I suggest that you talk to your Principal or School Board representative.

If you would like more information from me please contact me personally.

Reach for the Stars Quilt project 2005

PHS students, staff and community members at the unveiling of 'Reach for the Stars'

Pontiac High School 'Tree of Life' 2002

Symmes School 'Celestial Bodies' installation 2005

Philomen Wright High School students at work


Symmes School students with 'Celestial Bodies' prior to installation 2005

sample of student work 1999

sample of student work 1999

sample of student work 2003


sample of student work 2003



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